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Lo más destacado de nuestro viaje a México! Salvaje y hermosa!

Stagapit - Toured on: Aug 9th, 2015

Nos lo pasamos de maravilla con Aldo en Sian Ka'an. De hecho, nuestro tiempo con él fue el punto culminante de nuestro viaje. Vaya! Somos amantes de la naturaleza y disfrutamos de la hermoso esnórquel en el arrecife, sorprendente vida silvestre (cocodrilos, aves, orquídeas, pescado, etc.), una laguna serpenteante fuera de este mundo, y salvajes paisajes, con muy pocas personas allí. Aldo es amable, eficiente y competente y no podríamos haber tenido un mejor guía. Él nos trató como si fuéramos de la familia. Él era flexible y el día nos sentimos como nuestro propio. Los adultos y el niño de 4 años en nuestro grupo nos encantó nuestro día. La tarifa por el tour de un día está bien, merece la pena, créeme! Gracias, Aldo! From: Tripadvisor.com

Thank you Aldo

Judelephant - Toured on: Jul 24th, 2015

This is without a doubt the best way to visit the reserve as Aldo is so great and you escape the unpleasant things such as hours on the bumpy road that others complain about with other tours.
The tour started with a gliche as Aldo lost our booking and we were waiting an hour and a half in Tulum waiting for him. We had to find an internet cafe to contact him, and then he was there in about 30 minutes. So if you book over the internet as we had done I recommend emailing again before going just as a prompt and perhaps ensuring you have his mobile number with you.
After that though, things were very good. It was a relatively short car journey from Tulum to Aldo's boat (maybe about 15 minutes drive over an extremely pitted road - would not want to do this in a minibus for hours), and a short walk from the road to his small boat. We were a family of four, with two teen girls and the tour felt very personalised and geared to us. The boat had a canopy which was good as the sun was fierce and you always catch a lot more on the water than you think. I recommend sitting on the life vests rather than wearing them though as the bench seats are very hard when bumping over waves. Seat backs would have helped with bracing yourself and these were not fitted on the boat. I think Aldo mentioned this at one point and I think possibly they had not been slotted in because, having forgotten about us, he had not remembered to bring them perhaps. I had thought they would be there so so if these are important to you I recommend asking specifically.
The lagoon where you board is magnificent, and the ride quickly becomes exilherating. Aldo points out things in good English throughout and is clearly local and knowlegable as well as being warm and friendly. Water, juice and fruit is always available (bananas and mangos when we were there). We went straight out to the reef where we were lucky enough to snorkel. It felt rough to me but clearly Aldo knows where to go to be safe and we were given life vest which we leant on rather than wore. We didn't see absolute marvels - just the usual fish we had seen off our reef in our resort but that's the luck of the draw. We did see a reef which was more varied and colourful though. For me, getting on and off the boat was a struggle. It was a question of sliding off the side to get in and then climbing a ladder with only two rungs I think to get out. I am middle aged and reasonably heftily built although pretty active and moderately fit for my age. Aldo hauls you out as you climb using the ladder and it's a bit tricky on a big swell.
After that it was off to a wonderful beach which was like paradise. All the while there are sea birds of all types being pointed out etc. Being such a private tour we felt unhurried and well catered for. We then went to the Mayan canal where we walked about a km over a boardwalk to get to the start of the floating bit, where there is also a Myan ruin to look at. The Mayan float was one of the best things I've ever done - highlight of the whole holiday. It was just the family floating lazily down the clear warm water enjoying the natural sounds and scents of orchids etc. Wonderful.
Arriving reluctantly back at the boat, we then had lunch consisting of tamales and fruit plus chewy seed type biscuits if you wanted them. I had broken a tooth the evening before and had spent the day in some pain but was able to manage the soft tamale and some mango. My thanks to Aldo are partly therefore for him understanding this and taking me to a dentist in Tulum - an offer considerately made by him - when we returned to the town after our day and sorting out an emergency visit for me which made a huge difference and enabled me to enjoy the rest of our holiday. If you're reading this Aldo - thank you. Your thoughtfulness helped me enormously and please also pass on my additional thanks to the dentist who was efficient and helpful.
So in conclusion it was a great day. We didn't see the big target animals like crocs or mannatees unfortunately, although Aldo tried to find some. That's nature for you. But I will never forget the beauty of this wild and wonderful place, and would recommend going with Aldo. From: Tripadvisor.com

Wild and beautiful trip, for nature lovers

bestmom101 - Toured on: Jul 3rd, 2015

This trip was magnificent in a word. Aldo took us on a private tour on a boat through the vast reserve. We got to see many different species of herons, ibis, orchids, bromeliads, American crocodiles and then as a parting gift two manatees who came up for air. The area seems like untouched wilderness and is a nice change from the touristy parts of the riviera. In the midst of the trip is a really nice float down a freshwater canal. And the colors of the water are quite amazing and different through the trip. Aldo was an excellent guide through it all! From: Tripadvisor.com

Still The Best Thing We Did in Mexico

Cmschis. Maryland - USA - Toured on: Apr 8th, 2015

This was our second tour of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere, and Aldo was once again our guide. We had planned on doing the snorkeling tour but the weather was not cooperative, so we had to change plans. We spent a lot of time seeing local wild-life, and the most incredibly beautiful pink birds. Aldo took us to a beautiful beach and a breathtaking lagoon that seemed to go on forever. This is just an amazing trip. Aldo is so knowledgeable and informative, in addition to being a personable and friendly guide. The float along the canal was just as impressive as it was the first time we did it. This time around we took our two teen-aged nieces, we were a little worried if the tour would hold their attention--there was nothing to worry about, they had a great time.
Aldo provided lunch, snacks, and drinks.
Don't miss this, it will be a highlight of your trip. from: Tripadvisor.com

Excellent private tour of the Sian Ka'an

comoreau5 - Toured on: Apr 1st, 2015

We set this up months in advance because we wanted to see the Sian Ka'an biopreserve, and my research led me to VSK. We were not disappointed. We met Aldo at the arch at 8:30, and headed down to the boat landing, where we (just our family of 5 and Aldo) loaded up. The colors of the lagoon are beautiful--turquoise water and blue sky separated by green sea grass and small trees. We headed across the lagoon, where Aldo found a couple of manatees, and along the edges of the lagoon where we saw lots of wildlife--many types of birds and 3 or 4 crocodiles. We went under a bridge out into the ocean, where we were hoping to snorkel the reef, but it was too wavy. Instead, we toured around the lagoons some more, then went to the Mayan Canal, which was the highlight, especially for the kids (3 boys 17, 15 and 7). We parked the motorboat, walked upstream, and jumped into the Mayan Canal using life preservers to float on heading back down. The canal is beautiful, quiet, (only saw a few other tourists), and the water very clear and not that cold. It has a light current that is perfect for a lazy ~30 minute float back down the the motorboat. WAY, WAY better than the "rivers" at Xcaret. Back at the motorboat, Aldo gave us more time to swim around in the canal, and we had a delicious lunch of tamales locally made in Tulum and drinks. We also had fruit and drinks available as snacks throughout the day (the mango was delicious!). Then we motored back, seeing another manatee or 2, to the boat landing, about 2:30 (would have been later had we been able to snorkel the reef). I would highly recommend this tour. From: TRipadvisor.com

A day out in Aldo's office...

Muzli. Scotland - Toured on: Mar 1st, 2015

Visit - 16th February 2015
Absolutely without a doubt the highlight of our trip this year to Tulum, such a beautiful natural area. We spent a day with Aldo and another lovely couple touring the mangroves and canals of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere. We spotted manatees, crocodiles, roseate spoonbills, pelicans, ospreys and a host of other inhabitants of the Biosphere. We swam through the mangrove canals after viewing the old Mayan Toll booth, I loved the fact that as I was peacefully letting the river current take me upstream a little crab jumped onto my life vest and hitched a ride!! As we were drying off in the boat we shared a lunch of Tamales, sweet bananas and the most delicious ripe mango. Aldo's knowledge of this beautiful area is second to none, his enthusiasm for his work and his love of the natural habitat that surrounds him everyday is very infectious and he was great at spotting the wildlife which resulted in some fabulous photographs.
We hoped to snorkel however due to the conditions on the day it was not possible, I am glad as we may not have spotted the manatees later in the day, an absolute treat to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. We have already decided to book again for next year, possibly a sunset trip out to the Biosphere. The trips are so easy to book, we paid a deposit via Paypal the evening before we left the UK and paid the balance to Aldo after the trip. A special mention to Aldo's driver, what a lovely, happy and fun guy, we really enjoyed his company. Thank you Aldo for making our trip so memorable, see you next year!
From: Tripadvisor.com

Great Sian Kaan Tour

LA_Traveler_367. USA - Toured on: May 18th, 2013

Aldo is a great tour guide. He is professional and he knows a great deal about trees, birds, fish, and history. He is an excellent host and it was a pleasure to spend the day with him and our party of four. Lunch was fantastic and the tour was great fun.
From: Tripadvisor.com

Tour of Sian Kaan, Mexico

Vicki R, USA - Toured on: May 18th, 2013

Great tour of the Sian Kaan nature reserve in Tulum, Mexico. Well worth the $$. Our guide, Aldo was excellent in not only his education, knowledge and presentation of his area, but in taking care of us and making us feel comfortable in his surroundings. Loved the natural exposure to the area and the simple things (like the different aromas of the jungle) that could have easily been missed, if not pointed out. Thanks a million times over!!
From: Tripadvisor.com

Thank you, Aldo!

Gympy Denver, Colorado USA - Toured on: Apr 15th, 2013

What a day! What an experience. Aldo's love of the area and his skill as a guide resulted in a day of seeing many varieties of sea and land birds from sandpipers to a stork to buzzards to several osprey, as well as crocodiles, barracuda, and manatees. We snorkled (one hour by our choice) on a small section of the reef, second only in size to the Great Barrier Reef; traveled through mangrove canals that Aldo had explored as a child; floated down a Mayan-extended canal; had a fabulous banana-wrapped lunch, beverages, and a delicious Yucatecan cookie, snacks anytime, all accompanied by Aldo's stories about the area. Worth every penny. This is a trip not to be missed if you are on the Riviera Maya. Get away from your all-inclusive or condo or from your campground and see a bit of the real Mayan reserve from the sea.
From: Tripadvisor.com


Tecey Arlington, Virginia - Toured on: Mar 31st, 2013

An expert naturalist who delights in sharing his knowledge, Aldo is the perfect guide to the Sian Ka'an. Born and raised in Punta Allen, Aldo has an instinctive understanding of the area that guarantees a delightful day out. Floating down the canal was a hit with children, teenagers and adults alike. The perfect host, Aldo produces delicious fruit and hibiscus juice at just the right time and amazing tamales and pumpkin seed cookies for lunch. His German-born wife, Katrin, handles the bookings in between caring for their two young daughters. Nothing was too much trouble for Aldo and the trip was excellent value.
From: Tripadvisor.com

Best day of our vacation!

Pailak Espoo, Finland - Toured on: Mar 15th, 2013

My family (me, husband and our 7-year old son) took the snorkel and canal floating tour while we were in Akumal in february. We all agree that it was the best day of out vacation! Thanks to our exceptional guide Aldo, we learned so much about the animals and nature of the area! We saw lots of fish and beautiful coral at the reef and lots of birds and a couple of crocodiles at the mangroves. The cherry on the top was floating down the canal. The canal was so peaceful and quiet and nice! We also ate a delicious picnic lunch of tamales. We can highly recommend this tour to everyone interested in nature!
From: Tripadvisor.com

Relaxed and peaceful tour of Sian Ka’an

Astible - Ottawa - Toured on: Mar 11th, 2013

We wanted to take a break from our resort and learn something about the area’s unique ecosystem in the Sian Ka’an reserve. We chanced upon the “Visit Sian Ka’an” website and were happy to find a small group tour led by a local naturalist and environmentalist. Aldo Ancona proved to be a friendly and knowledgeable guide who clearly loves showing visitors around the lagoons.

We took the Sian Ka’an and Muyil boat tour which started at the “Visit Sian Ka’an” dock near Tulum (avoiding the reportedly bumpy road to Punta Allen). It started to rain as we crossed the Chunyaxche Lagoon and we all got very wet. Fortunately, the rain stopped as we entered the Mayan Canal that leads to the Muyil Lagoon. We had a close-up look at the mangroves as Aldo pointed out birds such as vultures, herons, and igrets.

After lunch, we crossed the lagoon and landed by a road that led to the ruins of the Mayan city of Muyil. The ruins are largely untouched and set in a semi-natural jungle with vegetation and trees growing in and around the beautiful major temple. We were the only visitors at the site and we wandered about at a relaxed pace while Aldo answered questions and provided information about the Mayan settlement.

It was a great pleasure to meet Aldo and a wonderful way to experience part of the Sian Ka’an Reserve. The tour was a highlight of our holiday in the Mayan Riviera.
From: Tripadvisor.com


George J Richmond, United Sates - Toured on: Feb 19th, 2013

We took the Muyjil tour last week. It turned out to be a private tour of Sian Ka'an since the other couple didnt show up.
Aldo is from the area and an excellent guide with a tremendous knowledge of the area, its history and people.
Our tour was a blend of beach, lagoons the Maya canal and Mayan ruins with a picnic lunch of tamales.
It was somewhat pricy at US129 but the numbers are restricted to a family or small group and in my view is well worth the premium.

From: Tripadvisor.com

An Exceptional Tour Experience

pcmfo - Parker, Colorado - Toured on: Jan 22nd, 2013

It turned out my husband and I had a private tour of Sian Ka'an with Aldo, our guide. We were staying nearby and met Aldo at the main gate. We had a beautiful day of boating through the various mangroves and lagoons, and since we went during the low season, it felt as though we had the entire preserve to ourselves! The birds were beautiful, and the hike to Muyil was interesting. Getting to float down the canal all by ourselves was so peaceful and serene, but can't say everyone can have that experience to be all alone! Aldo was very friendly, knowledgeable and passionate as others have mentioned. This was definitely one of our best experiences while in the Tulum area.
From: Tripadvisor.com

A great experience.

Tebbotron - London, United Kingdom - Toured on: Jan 20th, 2013

My wife and I paid $134 each for the tour and pick up drop off via our hotel. It's a little pricey for those on a budget, but well worth the money if you can spare it.
Aldo (the guide) is a great man and passionate to show you the beauty and wildlife that inhabits the Sian Ka'an reef.
After being picked up we took a boat ride seeing Crocodiles, Manatees and various bird life throughout the mangroves. We were taken out of the reef and did around an hour of snorkelling, then back into the boat for a deeper look into the mangroves. Then to finish off we had the chance to free float down the ancient Maya canals that were cut through the mangroves centuries ago.
Aldo also provided refreshments and delicious Tamales to eat for lunch.

From: Tripadvisor.com

Marvellous tour with Visitsiankaan!

Ed3009 - Toured on: Jan 19th, 2013

My wife and I had a great day in the siankaan with Aldo who runs visitsiankaan with his wife Katrin.

We emailed a week in advance to organise a tour and decided on the one that included the muyil ruins.

What a great day, Aldo is amazingly knowledgable and showed us so much nature and wildlife. He clearly is deeply passionate about what he does and this comes across in his enthusiasm on the tour which really made the day.

The majority of the day is taken up navigating the breathtaking lagoons and canal systems of the northern part of Sian kaan looking at nature and wildlife, although this tour did also take in the mayan ruins which was a nice extra. We saw manatees, herons, pelicans, woodpeckers and vultures and the day ended with a magical float down through the mangroves.

The cost was $129 + $10 for pick up and drop off from our Tulum beach hotel. This was slightly more than some other tours but the group size is small (6max) and we felt that was worth it.

Also no long drives down bad roads as I note some tours take you on to get to a boat , Aldo's boat was 30mins drive from tulum that never got worse than a country lane, which means more time with nature.

For people who want to see nature with a knowledgable guide and get away from it all this is the trip for you!
From: Tripadvisor.com

A Perfect Day

Anita O - Granada, Nicaragua - Toured on: Dec 14th, 2012

After receiving great directions from Katrin, my husband and I took a collectivo from Playa del Carmen to Tulum and met Aldo, co-owner of the tour, who showed us an unspoiled and beautiful area of paradise. We took a boat ride through the lagoon and mangroves to the Mayan ruins, Muyil (which still have faint traces of ancient applied colors), ate a picnic of homemade tamales, and then swam and floated down a small canal in cool, completely clear water. Despite rain in the afternoon and mosquitoes SWARMING around us while swimming (bring repellent!) the day was a montage of perfect in-the-moment experiences and throughly enjoyed by both myself and my husband. I would do this again and only with this tour because of their care and respect towards this nature reserve and national treasure.
From: Tripadvisor.com

One of the most amazing things we've ever done

Cmschis - Toured on: Sep 10th, 2012

Everything about this tour was amazing. We did it with another couple. The ruins were wonderful, floating in the Mayan canal was one of the top experiences ever. Lunch was great. Aldo was the best! Don't miss this.
from Tripadvisor.com

Wow, what a fabulous day! This was the highlight of our family trip...

Constance - Berkele - Toured on: Aug 5th, 2012

Wow, what a fabulous day! This was the highlight of our family trip to Mexico (July 2012). Aldo was an absolutely fabulous tour guide and host and provided a delicious lunch. He clearly loves this magnificant reserve and is very generous with his knowledge about it. Muchas gracias to Aldo at visitsiankaan.com!
From: tripadvisor.com

The ONLY way to tour Sian Ka'an

Angela C - Igloolik - Toured on: May 14th, 2012

We booked the Sian Ka'an/Muyil tour with Aldo (www.visitsiankaan.com) and could not have been happier. We were picked up from our hotel and our very small group set out early. Aldo grew up exploring the Sian Ka'an Bioreserve so he is very knowledgable and passionate about the area. He is an all-around ecologist and enjoyed answering any and all question. he had the eye of an eagle, even spotting a croc deep in the mangroves! The tour was not rushed and he was more than happy to spend a bit of extra time out there. The float down the canal at the end of the day was a fantastic way to refresh, and we finished it off with a traditional Mexian meal supplied by Aldo himself. I couldn't recommend VisitSianKaan more highly! See you next time Aldo!rnFrom: tripadvisor.com

es war super

Julia & Christoph - Toured on: May 14th, 2012

Wir sind wieder zurück in der Heimat und jetzt wollten wir uns nochmal herzlich bei euch bedanken, der Tagesausflug in Sian Kaan war der schoenste Tag unseres ganzen Mexico Urlaubes, Zum Glueck hat es doch noch geklappt, nachdem ich euch leider keine Bestaetigung mehr geschickt habe und Aldo gar nicht mehr mit uns gerechnet hat...Der Tag hat alle unsere Erwartungen übertroffen - so individuell, wir haben so viel gesehen und hatten das Gefuehl ganz alleine im ganzen Bioreservat zu sein. Alleine das Riff war einmalig. Und am besten hat uns das Schwimmen durch den Mangrovenkanal gefallen, es war herrlich, Aldo hat alles toll erklaert und hat wirklich ein Gespuer für diese Arbeit. Und dass eure Tochter eine ganz suesse Maus ist, wisst ihr ohnehin Wir haben uns so wohl gefuehlt, Vielen Dank nochmal für alles, es war super! Ich werde euch jedem der nach Yucatan faehrt weiterempfehlen!

Ganz liebe Gruesse aus Oesterreich,

A unique and memorable experience

Stonearc - Toured on: Mar 27th, 2012

We spent the day with Aldo from " visitsiakaan". He was exceptional to say the least. This reserve holds a wealth of unique eco systems and with Aldo as our guide we were able to go deep inside the preserve and visit many varied eco areas and Aldo took great pride in sharing his knowledge and passion for the area. From spectacular hidden lagoons to magical Mayan ruins and canals, to listening to Aldo's many stories of the local flora and fauna. While many tours are available a tour with Aldo is a unique experience that will prove memorable and educational. This is a priceless area and is worth getting a private tour with a guide like Aldo who is dedicated to providing a quality experience. Highly recommended.
From Tripadvisor.com

Magical Experience!

Claudia Kinnaman - Toured on: Feb 15th, 2012

I absolutely loved the tour with Aldo into the beautiful nature of the Sian Ka'an biosphere. I felt like immersing into a natural treasure. We got to see a variety of tropical birds living in the lagoon and a crocodile swimming near our boat. Aldo was amazing as our tour guide giving us a lot of insider knowledge about the Mayan history and the precious nature of the area. The Highlight for me was the free floating in the natural clear water Mayan canal where one is carried down the stream. I felt like being one with nature! It was an unforgettable experience! I can highly recommend these tours. From Tripadvisor.com

Enjoy the nature - a special place

Jools58 - Toured on: Jan 13th, 2012

We took a day trip with Visit Sian Ka'an. We easily booked online from the UK. There was just us and another couple with Aldo as the guide and it made all the difference to have such a knowledgable,enthusiastic and genuinely local guide . The weather was a bit perverse for the reef snorkelling ( tried and gave up ! ) so we concentrated on the lagoon and canals which were beautiful and fascinating. A great day out with nature. Yes it is relatively expensive if you have to add a taxi transfer from the Riviera Maya but for us well worth avoiding the larger group / jeep tours because of the extra information you gain from the experience. From Tripadvisor.com

Highlight unseres Urlaubs

Heidi G - Toured on: Dec 23rd, 2011

Ich suchte schon vor Abreise einen Ausflug in Internet in einer kleinen Gruppe. Gefunden habe ich Visit Sian Ka an. Buchte dann problemlos bei Katrin auf Deutsch. Die mir auch eine Tour vorschlug, die gut zu unserer Familie (2 Erwachsene und 4 Teens im Alter von 14-18 Jahren) passte. 6 Personen passen in ein Boot und so war unsere Gruppe voll.

Katrin arrangierte uns auch den Transfer von Playa del Carmen ins Naturschutzgebiet. Hat alles hervorragend geklappt.
In Sian Ka an wartete unser Guide Aldo auf uns. Auch Carlito, das kleine Krokodil zeigte sich uns. Mit dem Boot ging es durch die Lagune zum Riff. Dort schnorchelten wir durch die faszinierende Unterwasserlandschaft. Danach zurück zur Lagune, durch den Kanal zu einer ehemaligen Zollstation der Mayas. Wir fluteten auf Schwimmwesten im Wasser, hatten ein Maya-Mittagessen und es ging zurück zum Ausgangspunkt. Wir sahen so viele Tiere, bunteFische, Rochen, Seeadler, Seekühe, Krokodile usw.
Dieser Ausflug war das absolute Highlight unseres Urlaubs, sogar unsere Kinder waren total begeistert. Aldo ist ein hervorragender Führer, der sein Gebiet bestens kennt, liebt und auch lebt. Seine Touren führt er auf Englisch, er kann aber auch ein bisschen Deutsch.
Auf diesem Ausflug sieht man, was viele andere nicht sehen. Wir begegneten auf unserer Fahrt nur noch einem anderen Boot. Das hat doch was.
Aldo, falls wir noch einmal nach Yukatan kommen, dann buchen wir bei Dir. From Tripadvisor.com

Floating Serenely in a Mayan Diaper

Mediterranean Girl - Toured on: Dec 22nd, 2011

If you have one day to spend in Playa del Carmen, you must choose this magnificent eco-tour led by Aldo. The lands of Sian Ka'an are still in the hands of the Mayans, who you will see gathering to talk quietly on their boats if you are lucky and respectful. Aldo has an uncanny ability to bring you into close contact not only with the Mayans, but with an abundance of birds and animals, whether "crocs," manatees, ospreys in their nests, or roseate spoonbills.

Aldo is intensely knowledgeable about nature and patient in sharing what he knows with you. He is also a master at maneuvering his boat through small mangrove channels. The highlight of the day is cradling yourself in a life jacket and then floating peacefully with the current down a narrow channel. Aldo's clever assistant recommended that I wear the jacket as a "Mayan diaper," where you place your legs through the arm holes, then strap yourself in. Funny as it sounds and looks, it makes for a perfect flotation device.

You will also visit the Muyil ruins, where the mosquitoes are deadly, so bring biodegradable lotion with you. And my favorite was a stop at a wedge of sand where the lagoon meets the sea, a pristine stretch of land that was staggering in its natural beauty and a lovely place for a swim.

The day ends with delicious tamales that you eat right at the dock. Aldo is generous with his time, so if you are a curious and respectful visitor, he will extend the journey so that you enjoy every last moment of sunlight. There is truly no place closer to paradise or a person as warm-hearted and generous to take you there. From Tripadvisor.com

Excellent small group tour with Aldo of visit sian ka'an

Ost54 - Toured on: Dec 1st, 2011

We easily booked online from the UK. There was just us and another couple with Aldo as the guide and it made all the difference to have such a knowledgable,enthusiastic and genuinely local guide . The weather was a bit perverse for the reef snorkelling ( tried and gave up ! ) so we concentrated on the lagoon and canals which were beautiful and fascinating. A great day out with nature. Yes it is relatively expensive if you have to add a taxi transfer from the Riviera Maya but for us well worth avoiding the larger group / jeep tours because of the extra information you gain from the experience. From Tripadvisor.com

Most awesome Eco-tour I have ever been on!

Martha Jean   - Toured on: Nov 15th, 2011

It was a 9 km bouncing, jouncing 45-minute car ride after leaving the pavement of the beach road in Tulum until we reached the visitor center at Sian Ka'an where we met Aldo for our private tour. He showed us around the center and oriented us as to what parts of the reserve we would see that day and what animals we might see, then we headed down to the boat.

His was the only touring boat we saw that day that had a canopy, and we were very grateful for it. Aldo expertly guided the boat through the mangroves and across the bays, out onto the ocean for a snorkel tour of the reef. The visibility wasn't the best that day, but we did see a lot of fish and amazing coral and sponge formations. Then we headed to the beach for a little wandering, and when we came back to the boat there was fresh papaya waiting for us. Cool (non-alcoholic) drinks were available to us throughout the day as well.

We headed back into the mangroves and threaded our way through to a small dock and boardwalk, where we walked back into the marshy grassland and seemingly through time to see a small Mayan ruin. It was also the point where we entered a narrow canal and floated back to the waiting skiff and Aldo. The float took about a half hour, and it was very pleasant, a lovely lazy float and no - there weren't any cocodrillos! A delicious lunch of tamales prepared by a local woman was waiting for us when we climbed out of the (fresh!) water.

Eventually, the time arrived for us to head back to our starting point and we reluctantly climbed back into the boat for our final tour of the canals. That day we saw egrets, herons, sea eagles, vultures, and kingfishers, as well as pelicans and shore birds, and Aldo identified other birds that we couldn't see by their calls. We saw some crocodiles earlier in the day, and had hoped to see manatees that Aldo said were active in the area recently, but we never did see any. He knew where and what to look for and did his best to locate as much wildlife for us as he could. He did an amazing job.

I highly recommend Aldo and Visit Sian Ka'an tour company. He is an ethical, experienced operator, which is apparently rare because we witnessed other tour boats that were running recklessly, even just passing our own boat, at unsafe speeds in the narrow canals. Aldo grew up in Punta Allen and so has lived in the area his entire life. He was so full of anecdotes about his life and the history of the area - his passion for the reserve is very apparent. From Tripadvisor.com

Es un mundo completamente por descubrir!!!

Elena C - Toured on: Nov 13th, 2011

Reservamos la opción del snorquel y fue grandioso.

Nos recogieron en el hotel y en todoterreno llegamos a la reserva de Sian Ka´an, donde a la entrada hay que registrarse y te explican en un mapa qué zonas vamos a visitar y cómo son... Llegamos a su base y tras equipar la lancha, nos adentramos a explorar la Biosfera.

Vimos un montón de aves (águila, martin pescador, ibis, garzas, pelícanos, gaviotas...y nombres que aunque piense no me acuerdo). También vimos varios cocodrilos tomando el sol, a la orilla de las lagunas... tras un paseo explorando la zona y con continuas exxplicaciones de la flora, fauna.. etc Nos adentramos un poco en el mar para snorquelear en el arrecife. Estábamos completamente solos: el guia, mi marido y yo. Fue completamente una experiencia digna del recuerdo. Tan solo mi pareja y yo explorando aquel arrecife.. intentando buscar el manati, y las tortugas entre los corales.. pero no hubo suerte, demasiado turbia el agua.. pero igualmente ver semajante barrera de coral durante 1km, completamente a nuestro aire fue bestial.. increíbles formaciones.. peces a montones y gigantescas conchas en el fondo... Fue tan maravilloso!!!!

Cuando nos cansamos (tras casi 1h30 chapoteando en el agua; porque alli no hay relojes, eres tu quien decide cuánto tiempo). Nos subimos a la lancha y rumbo a los canales en busca de más vida animal y dispuestos a prender más sobre aquellos paisajes. A los 10 km canal arriba, aproximadamente nos bajamosl, caminamos por un paseo de madera hasta unas ruinas.. Aldo nos dio más explicaciones de su construcción, utilidad...y nos metimos en el canal.. eso fue la mejor y al mismo tiempo la peor parte!!! Aldo me explico: Te metes en el agua, super cristalina y templadita.. con mucho calcio que te fa exfoliando la piel.. el silencio absoluto.. nada de ruidos. tan solo las aves cantando.. :-D pero con un "peligroso secreto" jejeje la zona está infectada de cocodrilos jajaja Pero tranquilos, no hay peligro.. por el dia estan 100% durmiendo y tomando el sol.. no hay peligro, eso dicen!! :-) La verdad que es un subidon de adrenalina impresionante!! 1 km flotando por el canal dejandose arrastrar por al corriente y escuchando sonidos del entorno y esperando no encontrarse con ningun cocodrilo!! :-Y Fue una pasada... una tensión y una calma al mismo tiempo!!! :-)
Así que recomiendo al 100% que todo el mundo haga esta excursión, por cierto, que nos dieron una suculenta comida típica que tomamos en plena naturaleza, deliciosa!!! From Tripadvisor.com

Thoroughly recommended way to see this untouched natural reserve

Nick Woollard - Toured on: Nov 10th, 2011

We were recommended this tour by fellow guests at our hotel having expressed an interest in visiting Sian Ka'an. Their reasons were explicitly the small groups and the tour guide, Aldo.

They offer a number of tours but we decided to plump for the canal and snorkelling trip. The cost of $129 plus transfers per person seemed a bit high, but we really weren't disappointed with our decision to take the proverbial plunge.

Aldo was an amazing guide and we shared our trip with a really nice Dutch couple - and not a boat full of random unfriendly strangers.

The trip started with a boat ride out to the lagoons and an up close view of a sleeping crocodile. We then headed out to sea for nearly 2 hours of snorkelling on some beautiful and in touched reef. Throughout the journey Aldo's knowledge an passion for both the area and its conservation shone through.

After some fresh fruit and drinks we then headed inland up the canals an through mangrove swamp and grass wetlands. Having seen an assortment of wildlife including another croc we then visited a Mayan ruin before plunging into the refreshing freshwater canal an floating for around 20 minutes back to the boat.

We had been reassured that crocs don't hunt during the day; and had it not been for Aldo's obvious expertise I may have been a little more nervous as we glided past rustling bushes, through this ancient waterway.

A late lunch of tomatillo was followed by a boat ride back to our waiting transport back into the relative bustle of Tulum.

Quite simply a stunning place to visit and I can imagine would have been less but for the experience of travelling with visitsiankaan.com. From Tripadvisor.com

Fun, educational, GORGEOUS

Mark Buster - Toured on: Oct 27th, 2011

The main guide is this man named Aldo-- this guy seems to know everything about wildlife and conservation politics in the area. He is passionate about being a conservationist, but not in an off-putting professor kind of way. We had a damn lot of fun! Worth EVERY nickle and more, worth giving the majority of a day too. I promise you, it is a LOVELY experience. At no point did he try to jam us for cheesy extras, like some other companies do. If being with Aldo for a day doesn't inspire your love for nature, then something is really off. PS: I am not in super shape, and I did FINE. PPS: we are a middle aged gay couple, and we felt very comfortable and welcomed. Our day with Visit Sian Ka'an was probably the best day of our trip!
From Tripadvisor.com

Breathtaking - so surreal!!!

Idsky - Toured on: May 5th, 2011

I've never heard of Sian Ka'an before until I started doing my research about possible activities to do while staying in Playa Del Carmen besides the obvious Mayan ruins. My husband & I usually like to find different stuff to do each trip we take. Since we were in Mexico at the height of spring break, we wanted to be as far away from the wild, partying bunch. Time was on our side as we had a free day to explore this beautiful area just south of Tulum. I read some reviews here on TA about the area & some of the reviewers had mentioned Aldo & Katrin Ancona of Visit Sian Ka'an company & commented on how great of a job they do in conducting their tours. I contacted them via email about doing the Sian Ka'an & Muyil tour & Katrin responded immediately. I also mentioned to her that we'll be needing round trip transportation (extra charge but we didn't want to drive) from our resort in PDC to their visitor center. This was no problem as she took care of the details.

A driver from the transfer company Katrin hired met us at our resort. The ride took us past Tulum ruins & further passing the Tulum hotel zone. After that, it became one long bumpy ride since the road wasn't paved at all & the driver had to slow down to avoid hitting big rocks. Once we finally reached our destination, Aldo met us at the small visitor center, gave a short orientation to get us familiarized of the area we where in & led us to a waiting boat docked nearby.

What great , sharp eyes he has! The moment we pulled out of the dock, he already had spotted a couple of alligators camouflaging by the mangroves. It was amazing to see these animals in the wild & not caged. Kudos to him, we also saw some beautiful birds like herons & egrets from a distance as not to bother these creatures in heir natural habitat. He also took us past the Boca Paila bridge to an almost deserted lagoon (except for a couple of kite boarders doing their thing) that opened to a spectacular & very pristine beach. He carefully navigated his boat through the narrow channels, each time the water getting clearer & at times, bluer. After our short sweaty hike to see the less popular Muyil ruins, he let us float down the canal. This was so refreshing & relaxing & very enjoyable. He also provided some homemade tamales & cervezas to complete this wonderful journey.

This was definitely a unforgettable experience & considered this a highlight of our trip. We certainly were glad that we had this opportunity to visit this very remarkable place. Aldo was very knowledgeable not only about the area but also about the many animals that call this place home. His passion in preserving & protecting the Mayan culture & nature was very evident not only when he spoke but also in his expressions. From Tripadvisor.com

Breath taking nature and excellent tour! We felt like in Paradise

Dalia Robinson - Toured on: Feb 11th, 2011

We just recently enjoyed a trip to Mexico - my husband and I along with two other friends. We booked a private Sian Ka’an Tour with the local company “Visit Sian Ka’an”. From the beginning they were very helpful. Their website is really nice and informative and the communication via email was very easy and quick. We booked a Private Tour to visit the Mayan Ruins of Muyil and to do the refreshing float in the Mayan Canal. We also saw many birds and wildlife, such as coatis (a small bear like animal with very long tails) crocodiles and we even got to see the beautiful manatees! This was so amazing and the whole day was just perfect!
My husband and I do not enjoy being around large groups of tourists and we decided to go with “Visit Sian Ka’an”. We heard they are the only tour operator in Sian Ka’an offering private tours. The tour was exactly the type of small, off the beaten track tour we were looking for.
I also recommend “Visit Sian Ka’an” tours for having us provided with a really educational, informative and FUN tour while maintaining a commitment to supporting low-impact tourism in Sian Ka’an. During our tour we have seen a caravan of three boats with 18 people in total and that was definitely not the kind of tour we would like to have. We are that we went with “Visit Sian Ka’an” and Aldo, our guide was knowledgeable and fun, highly professional, always looking out for our comfort and safety. We will definitely recommend Visit Sian Ka’an to our friends and we will be back for sure!
From Tripadvisor.com

Real Eco Tour - a Must Do!

Zanudal - Toured on: Feb 8th, 2011

My husband and I went on Sian Ka’an Nature Encounter tour with Aldo from visitsiankaan on February 2, 2011, and I can tell it was by far the best guided tour we have had in our four times in Rivera Maya. That was truly an eco adventure - so much better than visiting commercialized “eco parks” which are in abundance in this part of Mexico. Sian Ka’an is a huge nature reserve which consists of salt and fresh water lagoons and mangroves. It is a home to hundreds of species of birds and animals. It is really a piece of untouched nature - the way most of Mayan Rivera looked like before the development in Cancun has began.
If you decide to go to Sian Ka’an, I highly recommend to do it with visitsiankaan. It is a small local tour company which provides unique service to tourists for a reasonable price. Aldo and his wife Katrin are passionate about conservation, and sustainable tourism is not only words for them, but the way of life. They work closely with local government to preserve the fragile ecosystem of Sian Ka’an, and they do their part by limiting group size to your party even if it consists of only two people. It allows them to provide really unique personalized service while minimizing impact on the environment. I think this kind of service is hard to find in Mexico.
Another thing I have to mention is a high professionalism and excellent organization of the tour. There was no time wasted. We met with Aldo in Tulum where we got from Playa Del Carmen by colectivo van - a cheap and reliable way of public transportation (but if you prefer, the company can arrange private transportation for you). Short 20 minutes drive brought us to the visitor’s center where our boat trip has actually started. The boat was nice with canopy and comfortable seats. First, Aldo took us around the lagoon, where we saw few crocodiles - one was about 10 ft long!. He also showed us one very interesting spot - cenote in the middle of the lagoon where fresh water from underground river comes to the ocean. He explained us the geology of the Yucatan peninsula and how everything is interconnected by the underground waters. Then we went to the ancient fresh water canal where we saw many different kinds of birds and had wonderful, relaxing float down the canal. The canal is not deep, but the current is strong enough to gently carry you down. After the swim, we had delicious lunch consisted of tamales and fresh fruits. We ate it right in the boat - again, there was no time wasted on going back to the village for a restaurant meal, and it had given us feeling of being on a real wilderness expedition. All to all, we have had a great time at the reserve. From my first email to Katrin to a day full of fun and learning with Aldo who was eager to share with us all his knowledge of the ecology and flora and fauna of the reserve - we had a feeling of being treated as friends rather than paying customers. We will for sure go back if we have a chance. Thank you, Aldo and Katrin, for this nice tour and for all that you do to protect the unique ecosystem of Sian Ka'an.
From Tripadvisor.com

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